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Express 1 hr Cookery Lesson at La Maison Arabe

After a few very busy days in Marrakech, visiting our suppliers to seek out more hidden gems to add to our Mint Morocco collection, we thought we would treat ourselves to a little relaxation, and experience one of the new ‘Express Cookery Workshops’ now available at Marrakech’s top Cookery School, the legendary La Maison Arabe.

We had always been under the impression that the art of Moroccan cookery, in particular, the tasty tajines, was to cook them slowly at a very low heat. Little did we know that we could rustle up a delicious, authentic Moroccan meal in just under an hour!

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The Secret Garden – A Paradise in the Medina

Marrakech is full of the most wonderful luxuriant gardens, which are usually hidden behind the high walls of many historical palaces or privately-owned traditional riads in the ancient Medina.

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